Become a Fatburner. Save Your Health.

©2011 Nina WagamanIf you are reading this blog, you are probably seeking resolution to some health issues, perhaps excess weight or diabetes. We want you to know that, with a new way of thinking, you can change your health for the better. With good information comes the ability to make good decisions for yourself and your family.

Let’s get started, shall we?
The facts we have learned over the past ten years are not new nor obscure, not radical nor unproven. They are available for everyone to discover, but one must be motivated and know where to look. The knowledge we present in our forthcoming book, Yes! to Fat, has been understood for a long time––much of it for as long as 150 years. What our doctors and nutrition authorities tell us, though, is far different. Bear with us. This information is vital to your well-being. The facts may be as new to you as they were to us, but the concepts are easy to grasp and worth your serious consideration.

There is an intimate relationship between our diet and the disease we experience. Knowledge of the true nature of the connection is being withheld from us. Indeed, many doctors are unaware of the connection for rare is the physician who studied nutrition in medical school. For forty years, the science that explains what causes the disease and suffering that plague people the world over with increasing intensity and frequency has been intentionally disregarded. Those who profess to have studied this science (e.g., 2010 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee) are advising us to eat a diet that is in direct conflict with what is known about how food affects human health through the functions of metabolism and physiology.

What we as a population have been told (and have come to firmly believe) stems directly from a point in time when good science and research was purged from the nutritional recommendations now handed down by government, the medical associations and our doctors. Bureaucrats counsel a diet characterized by foods very low in fat and high in carbohydrate-rich grains. Such fare does not lead to health and freedom from disease. No, it hastens our dysfunction and degeneration through hyperglycemia and an excess of Omega-6 polyunsaturated oils.

It is important for you to understand the basics about human physiology and metabolism so that you can begin to put the pieces together for yourself. So, we challenge you to set aside what you believe to be true. The time you invest, we can assure you, will be well rewarded.

Question Orthodoxy :
We are compelled by our personal experience, by what we have come to learn, to say to you: The diet that everyone “knows” to be healthy is the diet that destroys health, produces disease and obesity. Gerald Reaven, the Stanford University endocrinologist who first described metabolic syndrome back in the 1960s (he called it “Syndrome X” ), said, “What is required is less advice and more information.” In Yes! to Fat, we hope to give you some of that information. It may be hard to hear. We fervently hope you are ready. The shreds of information we have assembled are vital to your own health and the health of your families and friends. We hope it sparks the beginning of a rewarding journey.

We urge you to question what you’ve been told––what you have grown up believing––about what constitutes a healthy diet. We know you are doing what you are convinced is best. You work hard to “eat right and exercise.” You make sure to get enough fiber, not too much salt, and to drink a lot of water. You try to limit your portion sizes, you buy low-fat products, and eat lots of fruit. You avoid saturated fat like the plague it’s made out to be and use vegetable oils and margarine instead. You take supplements and eat foods high in anti-oxidants. You may even have cut down on the “white stuff” like sugar and refined flour. Cutting down on the refined and processed food is a good thing, but do you really know what the foods you are advised eat and the foods you are told to avoid are doing (or not doing) for your health?

We too accepted the conventional wisdom, until health issues became glaring and forced us to question what we were doing. We decided to inform ourselves and act on our own behalf. We learned that the problem lies not with our own efforts to be healthy, but with the wrong advice and bad information that we are given. We beg you to be suspicious of everything you now believe about nutrition. What has become so deeply ingrained will be extremely difficult to recognize and discard.

a S.A.D. State of Affairs :
Over the years, we have spoken to many people about what we have learned, why we eat the way we do, and what benefits we have experienced, but it is always difficult for us. It is hard to know what approach is best. The subject of food is very emotional and personal. Sometimes we sense that the mere mention that we don’t eat bread presents a challenge to strongly held ideas. Other times, we are greeted with genuine interest and lots of questions. On occasion, someone will resolve to take charge of gathering knowledge and begin changing their diet immediately. We are very glad when this happens.

The need is great. We can’t help but notice that nearly everyone we meet in our travels could benefit from knowing the truth about diet so they, too, could experience a “health redux.” Despite our uneasiness about the possibility of being intrusive, we continue to talk on the subject whenever the opportunity arises. The conversations are always rather disjointed and many important points are regrettably left unmentioned.

Eventually, we came to the decision that the current s.a.d. (Standard American Diet) state of affairs could not be adequately addressed during personal exchanges. We decided that the situation called for a comprehensive source of information and references in “book” form that would reach beyond limited individual contacts. This is how the idea for Health Redux was born.

We know that you are already investigating the facts. Hopefully, when you read Yes! to Fat, you will have even more reason to experiment with changing your diet. Putting the diet into practice for several months is really the only way to discover for yourself the validity of the science behind why carbohydrate-restricted, high-fat lifestyles are effective and safe. When you too reap the benefits that accompany keto-adaptation (we explain this in Yes! to Fat), we are confident that you will be convinced. But do your research!

Paying Forward :
The knowledge we are able to share is valuable on many levels. We feel an urgency to “pay forward” the information that empowers us. We want you to be free from nutritional orthodoxy so you, too, can regain your health, lose weight, and live a long and vibrant life. We do not have a string of letters after our names, but we have devoted ten years to furthering our understanding of the role of dietary carbohydrates in the development of disease. It is not likely that the two of us can influence those who issue the harmful dietary dictates from their positions of authority, but the enormous damage that has been done by their bad advice needs to be reversed. You can undo some of the damage.

We urge you to explore beyond what we will present. An excellent (we would say mandatory) starting point is Good Calories, Bad Calories. Like people the world over, we are grateful to Gary Taubes for his dedication to ferreting out the truth behind the public policy that has wreaked havoc on our health. His authoritative, lucid, and highly important book is the result of rigorous inquiry and scientific insight. We devoured it in January 2007, soon after its release, and we continue to study and refer to its chapters almost daily. Finally! Here was/is a scholarly examination of how we got to where we are now.

In 2011, Mr. Taubes published a “thinker’s manifesto,” a book that everyone can read without difficulty. Run, don’t walk, to the nearest bookstore and buy several copies of Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It. Arm yourself with the correct information––the facts, not the dogma––that will inspire and enable you to take your health and well-being into your own hands. Join the burgeoning ranks of those who have bravely turned away from the absurdity of the past forty years of misinformation. People just like us have transformed their lives and health in ways not imagined possible. They have lost weight easily, dramatically improved risk factors for heart disease, reversed diabetes, eliminated high blood pressure, and even cured fatty liver disease.

We can say without reservation that you may look forward to feeling healthy, perhaps for the first time. We ask you to embrace the message. Become a fatburner. Inspire others to do the same.

Clark & Nina

PS- We hope to have Yes! to Fat ready for distribution in Spring 2014. We’ll keep you posted! In the meantime, please see our Left Coast LCHF website to learn more.

  • For the most part, I face widespread medical/nutritional idiocy with a fair amount of equanimity, but every now and then, when I brood on the cost in human suffering this idiocy all too often causes, I want to do the Howard Beale and scream, “I’m mad as hell.” Problem is the idiocy is so widespread that my pitiful efforts to counter it are on par with King Canute’s trying to hold back the tide. If I can make a little difference here and there, I suppose it’s worth the effort, so I keep trying. But I still want to scream. --Dr. Michael Eades