How to Make the Perfect Healthy Salad

“Trying to diet? Eat a salad!”

It’s almost cliché at this point. We naturally associate salads with nutrition, as if all salads are healthy for you. But is that really the case?

As you probably could guess, it’s not. It’s all about what you put on your salad that determines whether it’s good for you or not. Here are few guidelines for creating the tastiest, most nutritious salad ever.


Include a Variety of Fresh Vegetables

Ok, this might sound obvious, but there’s more to making a salad than just throwing a bunch of random veggies together.

Before making your salad, research the specific health benefits of different types of vegetables. Then, see what vitamins, minerals, and/or macronutrients you’re missing in your diet. Finally, fill your salad with vegetables that are loaded with the nutrients you need.  So say you’re in need of some Vitamin A; in that case, add in some carrots, since Fitbody Bootcamp

You don’t need dressing to make your salad taste good! Dressing packs on the calories and fat. A once-clean salad soon becomes a soppy, less nutritious meal.

Instead, experiment with different veggie combinations. Find a combination that’s tasty on its own. If you need to add dressing, do it lightly, and try to use a healthier alternative such as balsamic vinaigrette.

Croutons also add extra carbs to salads. Try to limit your crouton intake as well, and find another ingredient that’s healthier but still adds texture and crunch to the salad.


Season It Just Right

The final step to creating an amazing salad is to season it well. Sea salt and black pepper should do the trick for you.

Season lightly. Again, your goal is to use fresh vegetables that taste good without any add-ons. Salt and pepper should serve to bring out those flavors even more, rather than just mask them.


That’s it! Let us know how you like to prepare your salads in the comments below.


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